Types of Art and Art in the 21st Century

Types of Art and Art in the 21st Century

Madonna dei Pellegrini- Caravaggio 
Guernica Picasso  

Already in prehistoric times, before man began to read and write, there are testimonies that we can define as artistic.

Ancient art is the one that was born with the first artistic manifestations of primitive men and ended towards the end of the fifteenth century, a possible conventional date is that of the discovery of America, therefore 1492.

Modern art begins when the ancient one ends and continues by convention of historians until the French Revolution (1789) or the Congress of Vienna (1815) from this moment, until today there is contemporary art. This generic distinction creates a bit of confusion, in particular between modernity and contemporaneity, so further investigations are necessary.

There are thousands of different definitions of art and about a single work there are many interpretations and many different judgments.

No one is wrong when expressing their concept of art, they are all right because it’s subjective.

Art has evolved a lot over the centuries and not only that, styles and influences have also changed.

The Arts, before the advent of cinema, were six. These were much older and their origins are lost in the past.

After the advent of cinematography, “the seventh art” was born, a name chosen simply because it was the last to be invented.


  1. The first art:  Architecture
  2. The second art: Music
  3. The third art: Painting
  4. The fourth art: Sculpture
  5. The fifth art: Poetry
  6. The sixth art: Dance
  7. The 7th art: Cinema.

Nowadays we recognize many types of art that are the set of these 7 main types. Thanks also to the birth of computer science, we see art linked to our daily lives. Examples of modern art are: digital art, videomaking, video games, anime and manga.

Digital art 

Written by Sonia Censabella 2^C informatica

Drawing on digital art realized by Carola Cultraro 1^H informatica

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