The cuisine of Palermo is a journey through different flavours and cultures. It is rich in colors, semplicità and authentic.

Bread and panelle, is a classic street food of the Palermo tradition. The history of this ancient dish was pitied by the Arabs, In fact, they were the first to grind the seeds of chickpeas to obtain a flour which, mixed with water and cooked on the fire, gave a raw dough. The first “panella” of the modern era, invented by the people in order to feed themselves, was born in the city of Palermo. Panelle have contributed to recounting epochs of rare beauty and indispensable aspects of social life. “Panellari” masters have fed  passionate famous clients such as the Royal House, Luigi Pirandello, Leonardo Sciascia, Giovanni Guttuso, politicians and exponents of the international world. Today the famous  “panelle” can be tasted associated with the classic Palermo bread (the mafalda or the moffoletta, strictly with the “cimino”, which are sesame seeds).

Another classic of Palermo pastry is the Martorana fruit that is almond paste biscuits that take their name from the Martorana convent which in the Norman period created the royal pasta, a mixture of almond flour, egg white and sugar that shows a bright red, yellow or green color on the surface.

Among fishmongers, butchers, bakers and gardeners, if you visit the city you will find sellers of frittula , leftover meat and animal cartilage fried and stigghiole (intestines)), quarumaru (offal) and pani ca meusa (sandwich with spleen but not only, also preumi ,  served plain (without any addition) or maritati (with caciovavallo cheese).

If you walk along one of the markets in the city,  it will be impossible to resist the potato croquettes  and the batters (chickpea flour, yeast and salt) with thistles, artichokes or cauliflowers.

It’s impossibile to talk about all the great variety of food in Palermo, but I suggest you to visit the city and taste the delicious food.

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