Coco Chanel, pseudonym of Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, was a famous French designer, capable with her work of revolutionizing the concept of femininity and establishing herself as a fundamental figure in fashion design and of popular culture of the XX century. She founded the fashion house that bears his name, Chanel.

Coco Chanel, through fashion, represented the new female model that was developing in the twentieth century: a dynamic, working woman who could no longer be a slave to Belle Époque clothing.

“Up until that moment we had dressed useless, idle women, women that the maids had to put on their sleeves; instead, I now had a clientele of active women; an active woman needs to feel comfortable in her dress. You have to be able to tuck up the sleeves.”

The same famous black dress seems to be inspired by the uniform of the orders. The designer maintained that “true elegance cannot be separated from the full possibility of free movement”. For the use of humble materials and for the inspiration she drew from the figures linked to working life, Chanel was renamed the queen of the genre pauvre, a very modern and snobbish “luxury poverty”.

The designer freed women from corsets and hat scaffolding, giving them comfortable clothes, simple in lines to embark on a dynamic daily life.

Coco introduced the use of women’s trousers, in fact in fact she revisited men’s clothing.

She took men’s clothes and gave them a feminine twist, Coco also made a significant contribution to the women’s movement, she never wanted to describe herself as a feminist, but her revolution in the design of women’s clothing, it coincided with the explosion of the feminist movement.

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