As lots of people already know – but maybe many young don’t realize completely – acts of cyberbullying are those bullying actions committed through means of communication such as cell phones, chats, forums, emails, etc.

Being victims of this type of violence is not pleasant at all, besides being very dangerous which is why we must be careful when we “cyber-communicate”.

Despite this fact, we shouldn’t stop using the internet or telephone because there is the risk of being trapped in an episode of cyberbullying, instead, we should know which the right rules to follow are in the jungle of the web.

There are various types of cyberbullying acts: such as sending messages by internet or telephone, with violent or offensive content, or a banal joke from a friend that can sometimes be offensive. But an important thing is not to reply to the messages and talk about these problems with someone you trust: your parents, teachers and/or friends.

Another cyberbullying act is the publication of personal information (name, surname, address, telephone number…). Indeed these dates reveal a lot about our identity! The same happens with photos or videos about ourselves or our friends, which is also part of cyberbullying.

That’s why it is good to always use a fancy nickname and not give too much confidence to strangers…

I’m only twelve but I’m mature enough to recognize acts of cyberbullying and for this reason, I want to warn my co-agers that perhaps are not so conscious of it!

Happy safe surfing on the net mates!

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