Remembrance day is also celebrated this year. We dedicate ourselves to the memory of all those people who have flown, like ashes, into the sky and who have suffered within walls delimited by gates and barbed wire wearing only striped pajamas and identified not by their name but by a code tattooed on the arm. We also remember all those who survived the Holocaust and who were able to tell us, with bitterness and pain, the horrors they experienced in those years but which despite everything, with courage, luck and fortitude, they managed to overcome. Thinking about it, we make mistakes. We are not wrong to remember them but to think of them as isolated and distant events in time when, unfortunately, the massacre of the Jews is history but something similar is still present today, today. Let’s distinguish the two moments but let’s not separate them, let’s not make them different because the situation is, even if in different situations and conditions, comparable if not identical. From the fields surrounded by barbed wire you pass to the barges surrounded by water, the sea, oceans often also of indifference. From ashes to bodies swollen with water, from dead to dead. There is not much difference. The essential one is that the former developed, acted silently and out of sight of all. It had a beginning and an end. The second has a “positive” factor: it can be stopped. There is no way, there are no rules, there is no direction to follow but I know it can be stopped and the fact that it is visible to all shows how “easy” it can be to slow it down until it disappears, winning a battle fundamental for humanity.

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My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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