Today, habout half of young people smoke cigarettes. This should be a real worrying. It starts almost as a game, to feel older, but young people can easily become addicted to the substance contained in cigarettes, called nicotine. Actually, smoking often turns into a vice, but it seriously harms our health, and this is true both for active and passive smokers.

The substances contained in tobacco, indeed, are toxic and carcinogenic. The chemicals in cigarettes can cause DNA mutations, leading to the development of several disease: bronchitis, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, heart attack and stroke, but also skin aging.

Anyway, there are some factors to consider when analysing the impact of smoking on our health. It can change, indeed, according to the age when a person starts smoking, the quality of cigarettes or the smoking habits.

In any case, the life expentancy of a smoker is approximately eight years shorter than that of a no-smoker. And it has been proved that quitting smoking has immediate and long-term benefits.

Stop smoking can be very difficult, that’s why you should never start!

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Angelica Licari


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