Freedom has always been a necessity for man. It is a unique principle and   a way to do what we like to do or to move in any directions. By freedom we mean the condition whereby an individual can decide to think, express himself and act without constraints.  Of course this feeling changed almost at once, because it must have been clear from the beginning that nobody could do what he liked. Then, gradually some rules were found with which to organize life together. As a matter of fact, freedom as we intend it today does not mean only to do what one likes; indeed, today  one  cannot do what he wants to, simply because living with the other people, many things could bother other people and create serious problems in the community. Instead, freedom has today more complicated and difficult meanings to explain: there is the freedom of politics, the freedom of religion, the freedom of thought. The history of man is full of heroes who, for the ideal of freedom let themselves be killed. Our history is full of heroes, known or unknown, But is it possible to die for freedom? I think that these estreme gestures do not belong only tothe past, but even  to our societies. There are still people who die for freedom.  We think that one could still kill for love, for incapacity, for rage, for madness, but not for freedom. This is not true. There are modern societies where people fight for freedom. We can also say that freedom is a concept that takes on a different meaning for each individual in society and is also linked to the morality of the individual. If we want to be citizens and free men then we must avoid submitting men to our will, we must let every man on earth live in absolute freedom without any distinction of race, sex, language, religion and customs. Martin Luther King wrote: “Until we are not all free, none can be free”.

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Matteo Russo


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