Talking about the event in this night

There were only 700 survivors who got saved by the Carpathia on the night of 14 April 1912.

The transatlantic ship of the English company White Star Line “Titanic” collied whit an iceberg at 1 1 .40pm on April 14th 1912.

On the ship there were about 2000 people but not everybody felt a strong vibration, depending on the position inside luxurious giant of the seas.

On the ship a few people felt a disaster and the cold water enter on board.

Capitan Edward John Smith ignored the iceberg alarms coming to the telegraphers, and they abbandonand the ship, the first people was the passengers of the fist and after second class, but the people who were of the 3 class were locked up in the lower part of the ship and killed. They didn’t even have the chance to save themselves.

Talking about the story of the ship

Titanic was the biggest ship ever built in the word. She was a White Star ocean liner, built by the harland and wolff shipyard in Belfast.

There were three classes: 1 st class, 2nt class and 3rd class was the poorest class, where 1 st was the richest. The ship was known as “unsinkable”, but sadly the great luxury ship stuck an iceberg in April 1912.

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