Sicily is a place that has a lot to do with Paradise: crystal clear beaches, valuable archaeological sites, good food, and a warm and welcoming sun. The splendid views, as well as the natural wonders,are also embellished by the churches and sanctuaries. one of these is the particular sanctuary of the Madonna di Tindari, which preserves, like many other works, a unique and exotic style.

Let’s discover this special architectural jewel in the province of Messina together!

Its history has its root in ancient times: it was founded in 396 a.c. by Dionysus I, tyrant  of Magna Graecia, and was built in order to face the attacks of the Carthaginians. Its original name was Tyndaris, in honor of the king of Sparta, Tindaro.

It is said that while a little girl was looking out from the Churchof Tindari to see the sea, she fell down tragically but her body magically lied on a new piece of soft sands with the shape of the Virgin and the little girl was saved. 

This Legend has been told to me by my grandfather when I was a child since I was born right in this place.

The Black Virgin is very well-known with the name of “bella donnina”.

I’m linked to this place by my faith and sweet memories…

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