A new platform captures the attention of young people and adults on the web.
Maybe it’s time to take Tik Tok seriously.
According to the data published a few days ago by the Financial Times, this strange social network, made up only of short and funny videos, has reached one billion users and has done that faster than all the others. In just three years since its launch it reached this goal while Whatsapp took seven and  Facebook almost nine.

Tik Tok is the phenomenon of the moment ,so successful among the Generation Z of digital natives and recently also among the over 30s.
It is a social media launched in China in 2016, initially known as musical.ly. Founders Alex Zhu and Luyu Yang initially planned a platform with an educational goal that is to encourage learning through short videos of 3 or 5 minutes.

To date, the app is between a rock and a hard place for fans and haters. If on the one hand the main purpose was to spread cultural knowledge, on the other it has introduced us to all the Italian and world trash through a new behaviour that young people call “fooling around”.

On the agenda there are videos of all genres, people’s stories, advice, advertising and politics. But what motivates teens to sign up for TikTok? And how is the virtual identity of the Tik tok consumer structured?
According to the study by Zuo and Wang, the main function of popular culture is entertainment and, therefore, the mission of the social network TikTok is to entertain. Users enjoy breaking the monotony of real life for a short time.

But like everything in the world it has its pros and cons. In the United States it has been accused of distorting democracy. In fact, President Trump envisaged the closure of the social network, even if not supported by the billions of followers of Tik Tok. He was accused by others of pornography, child activity and more.

But are we really sure it’s bad ?! 

It represents a second reality of real life, now on the agenda, in which the medium of exchange is not money but information for information.

From several interviews it emerged that thanks to Tik Tok many children have passed their School tests of English, mathematics, history or have learned new study techniques and more importantly, learned about the world. 

This last aspect implies an induced effect on tourism. The small Sicilian and Italian villages are no longer hidden but discovered with their culture, languages, dialect and gastronomy. Between funny stories and personal experiences, entertainment cannot be missing, especially in this period of pandemic.

In conclusion … and if only history were no longer enough to know the world? There are certainly other ways. Civilization is advancing and being intelligent today means exploiting the evolution to increase knowledge for Sicily as well as for the rest of Italy and the whole world.





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