Martina: Welcome dear readers, here comes our Man! Here is the character who needs no introduction! 

Lucrezia: You’re right, my dear Martina. What a thrill! Today we’re going to interview the former President of the U.S.A. Ladies and gentlemen, Barack Obama!

Elisa: Good morning Mr. President, we’re really flattered to meet you.

Barack Obama: Hello to everybody! I am very happy to be with you all.

Lucrezia: If you agree, I would say we can start!

Barack Obama: Of course!

Martina: We all know who you are but let’s talk a little about your life.

Barack Obama: OK with pleasure!

Martina:  Mr. Obama, where and when were you born?

Barack Obama: I was born on 1961, 4(th) August, in Honolulu, United States of America. My parents separated in 1963, my father died in 1982 and my mother remarried.

Elisa:  When did you approach political life for the first time?

Barack Obama: I approached political life for the first time in 1992 and I was elected to the Illinois Senate in 1996; in 2004 I reapplied obtaining 70% of the popular votes and on February 10, 2007 I officially announced my candidacy. I was the 44th President of the U.S.A., the first African American President and my wife the first African American First Lady.

Lucrezia: Mr. President, as you have just said, you were the 44th president of the U.S.A. How important was it for the largest democracy in the world, but also for all other countries, to have had an African-American president for the first time?

Barack Obama: I think that my election was the signal that American people wanted to give to all humanity to tell them that the world has changed. Stop to prejudices and discrimination! Relations between individuals must be based on mutual respect and collaboration. Only in this way can there be peace and development for all people.

Martina: We all remember your slogan “YES, WE CAN” and, first of all, we want to show you all our esteem. Your example as a politician and your determination will always be a stimulus for us in order to affirm our convictions. What is the reason why you always said: “Yes, we can”?

Barack Obama: I strongly believe in this. I believe America can, America can because people knows how to dream together, there is no white America and black America, there’s only the United States of America, one and only Country, one and only people that, when they’re together,  they really can all!

Elisa: We know you won the Nobel Peace Prize … In what year?

Barack Obama:  In 2009 I won the Nobel Peace Prize. It was a real honor!

Elisa: If you like, tell us a little about why you think you won this award.

Barack Obama: I won this award even though I wasn’t sure I deserved it. They say the reasons for the assignment are to be attributed to my “extraordinary efforts in strengthening international diplomacy, cooperation among the people”.

 Lucrezia: Mr. Obama, what is it like to live in the White House?

Barack Obama: The White House is comparable to a 5-star hotel, because inside the structure there are many services but, like everything, even living in such a luxurious building has its disadvantages, in fact, the White House sometimes left out a sense of isolation, imprisonment that I’ve never got used to.

Lucrezia: What was your childhood secret wish?

Barack Obama: As a child my dream was to be able to play and swim, subsequently, as a kid I wanted to become an architect and growing up a little more I wanted to play basketball at professional levels, but unfortunately the latter vanished very quickly as I was not very gifted to play at certain levels.

Martina:  Ok, can you shortly tell us about your family?

Barack Obama: Sure! My family consists of my wife Michelle Robinson, whom I married in 1992 and my two beautiful daughters Malia, born in 1998 and Natasha, born in 2001.

Elisa: And what about your life outside of politics?

Barack Obama: Outside of my political life I play sports, basketball, bowling. Then I wrote various books, for example “My father’s dreams” and “A Promised Land”.

Lucrezia: One last question, Mr President, could you tell us something about your book “A Promised Land“?

Barack Obama: “A Promised Land” is the first of two volumes that collect my presidential memoirs. One thing I wanted to convey, mainly to young readers, is the idea that it is possible to deal with politics while maintaining your values and through it you can do the best for others.

Girls: Thank you very much Mr. Obama for your availability! You’re very kind! Goodbye and have a good day!

Barack Obama: Thanks to you girls! I wish you a good day, too.

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Lucrezia Calzolari, Martina Licari, Elisa Saladino


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