This is the end…

Let’s start from the end of 2019, there was talk of a virus that was running in China,

this was called Coronavirus abbreviated COVID-19.

This virus was first only in China but then it also moved to Italy and from here the state of emergency was born, where slowly spreading there were more and more restrictions.

At the beginning to “avoid” the contagion it was necessary to wear a surgical mask, use the sanitizer and stay 1 meter away, but then seeing that things did not change much we all went into lockdown, but this only in the red zone.

The areas were divided into: white (only with a low number of infections), yellow (with a medium number of infections), orange (with a high number of infections) and finally red (with a very high number of infections, we also went in lockdown), so everyone on social media ironically said that Italy was in color.

This chaos lasted for 2 years until now, but it’s not that the covid is completely over, it is only the state of emergency.

So you still have to keep the mask, but the green pass will be removed (the vaccine for this virus, which serves to make the covid appear in a lighter way).

Finally I add that the Coronavirus will be remembered and especially by us who are still living it will not be easily forgotten.

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Matteo Dolcini


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