Thinking about Christmas

Christmas is one of the best known holidays in the world also thanks to Santa Claus, one of the most loved characters by children. But when was Santa Claus born?

It seems he was born in 1931, but this man dressed in red who every year brings gifts to the best children was probably born for commercial reasons. Precisely from an advertiser named Sundbalm who invented Santa Claus to advertise one of the most famous drinks in the world: coca-cola. In fact, the colors of his clothes recall those of the drink, which was the first to represent Santa Claus accompanied by reindeer.

But in popular tradition, Santa Claus remains the one who fulfills the dreams of children and so let’s keep dreaming!

Christmas is not only Santa Claus but also being all together in the family, having a Christmas Tree, eating good Christmas lunches and singing many Christmas songs all together. On December 14th, Carlo Conti presented “Un Natale ďoro zecchino”, the Christmas special of the “Zecchino d’Oro” which offered the RAI 1 audience an enjoyable family friendly show, as in the style of the successful programs of Carlo Conti.

For some, Christmas holidays seem to be an obligation; for example, giving gifts becomes a duty and no longer a pleasure. Fortunately, this is not the case for everyone: even in current times it is possible to rediscover the meaning of Christmas, that is rebirth, renewal and therefore change, but also hope and trust.

We must not only have but we must also give, by volunteering, donating food, money or even non-material things, such as love, going to visit poor people or those who are sick, bringing them joy and happiness. But we don’t have to do good deeds only at Christmas; we can also do them throughout the rest of the year. By doing good deeds you feel even better and happy because you know that you are making other people happy. As the poem of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, “Christmas is”, says: It’s Christmas every time you smile at a brother and hold out your hand. It’s Christmas every time you stay silent to listen to the other. It’s Christmas every time you don’t accept those principles that relegate the oppressed to the margins of society. It is Christmas every time you hope with those who despair in physical and spiritual poverty. It is Christmas every time you humbly recognize your limitations and your weakness. It is Christmas every time you allow the Lord to be born again to give it to others”.

This poem makes us understand that it’s Christmas every time we help those in need.

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