This is a complex question. Many people think that animals should be free while others believe that zoos give the right attention to animals.

At present, there are a lot of zoos in every part of the world. Animals that are kept in zoos are usually endagered. In this way the zoos help the species not to become extinct. But, honestly speaking, I reckon that many zoos are interested only in the business and not in the animal itself.

As for the wildlife under threat, it’s a topic about everyday. A lot of animalS are not only threatened by the man who hunts them but mostly DUE TO the global warming.

Why all of this happen?

Because man is destroying all the natural refuges, forcing the animals to leave them.

Without any doubt another important topic about zoos is their maintainance. This is the most important concern about a better zoo, primarily for the animals and then for the visitors as well.

In my opinion, the animals are born to be free but it is true that the zoos sometimes save a lot of animals. So the zoos are a good helper but, how could we feel without freedom?



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