The week of legality

When I think about legality I think about respect for the law, observance of law, adherence to legal principles. If you talk about the legality of an action or a situation, you are talking about whether it is legal or not. Why is legality so important? Because its main purpose is to prevent a person from being wrongly charged with a crime.

Like every year, also this year our school has organized the Week of legality: a week dedicated to legality with great guests and debates on crime and mafias. It has reached its seventh edition and this year it took place from 2nd to 6th May at the headquarters of our institute. For safety reasons, due to the increase in infections from Covid 19, the various classes connected by videoconference on the Meet platform and only 4 students per class were able to follow the event in person. The week has afforded different important topics.

On 2nd May the first classes held the conference “Volunteering and active – The National Civil Protection Service. On May 3rd, the second grades held the conference “Cyberllism: network security – Digital lesson”. On May 4th, the third class participated in the conference “Health value – Pharmacology in sport and doping”. On May 5th, the fourth grades attended the conference “Health and environment – From legality to ethics”. On May 6th, the fifth classes held the conference “Educating is preventing”.

These topics have been chosen to deepen, through important people, what we study and debate at school.

Many personalities participated in the various meetings: the mayor of Caltagirone Fabio Roccuzzo, the Councilor for Legality Giuseppe Fiorito, the bishop of the diocese of Caltagirone Mons. Calogero Peri, some judges, representatives of the police and various associations. The meetings represented an important moment of the civil growth of our future citizens of tomorrow.

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Andrea Scaletta



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