Nowadays everyone spends many hours on the web, in particular on social media. There are several users who, thanks to the contents they publish, have become famous and collected followers among people of every age. Some misuse their popularity, but fortunately there are also great models of education and inspiration. But who are the ones who impressed us the most? 

1-   Michelle Obama

She is an ex First Lady, married to Barack Obama, the 44th president of the United States of America from 2009 to 2017. She has started a campaign called “let’s move!” to fight childhood obesity in that big nation. She has launched websites to inform people about healthy diets, and the key of her success has been to spark a national conversation around this problem through means such as twitter, instagram and even cartoons for children.

2-   Raissa and Momo

They are a wonderful young couple, an Italian girl and a Moroccan boy, who fight racism through irony. Because of Momo’s origin, they had become the target of  discrimination and offenses on the Internet; that is why they decided to face them on the social media. Now they publish funny videos and photos that are watched by thousands of internauts. Their purpose is to face haters while teaching how to respond to hate with love and irony.

3-   Roberto Lipari

He is a comedian who comes from Palermo. On his blog he tries to make people reflect about some important themes. A very interesting one is the mafia, which he really cares about because of his birthplace. Last year he published a voice note on Instagram where he reminded us to stand up against mafia together in order to never let it get the upper hand.

Michelle, Raissa & Momo, Roberto are just a few examples of how the web can be a really educational place if we are able to use it in the correct way, that is to share values and learn  important life lessons.

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Eleonora Acquaviva, Marta Cavallaro, Marco Dimina, Desireè Sanzaro



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