The war between Russia and Ukraine

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues. One of the latest news is that the Russians struck the region of Lviv on the border with Poland, the night between 12th and 13th March, when 30 missiles destroyed the International Center for Peadekeeping and Security causing 9 deaths and 57 injuries. The war has been going since 24th February. Until today, thousands of civilians have died and millions have tried to find a safe place in Poland and other European countries.

President Putin has decided that Russian broadcasts must not talk about the war and has removed the access to social medias, so that citizens can’t get news about the war. In fact, since the war started, he set a fierce squeeze on freedom of the press. Nowadays, in Russia it is prohibited to pronounce the words “war” and “invasion” on social networks and medias, in the newspapers and on tv programmes. In fact, anyone, who does not want to go to jail, must use expressions like “special military operation” instead of “war” and “invasion”. Anyone spreading news that the Kremlin considers “fake news” or “disinformation” is punished with up to 15 years in prison. President Putin argues that anyone, who writes or speaks critically about the war – or even calls it “war/invasion” – affects the “national interest” and must be considered a traitor.

War is a very bad thing because it causes the loss of millions of innocent lives and it damages the world economy. I hope that they take a step back and do any possible effort to find a solution through a diplomatic way because I think that dialogue is the solution, not war.

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Chiara Civello




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