Who would have thought that after two long years of pandemic still in progress we would have moved on to talk about war.

At school they study the First and the Second World Wars, the latest conflicts that have upset Europe. Since then we have never heard of a war so close to us as in these days, in which there is a crisis on the outskirts of Europe, in Ukraine. But what is happening in this state on the border with Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova? Why is there a war between Russia and Ukraine? What does Russian President Vladimir Putin want? What can happen in the next few weeks? These are the usual questions that run through our heads during these long and harrowing weeks.

From 1919 until 1960, Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union.

But it is not true that the war has started now. If anything, it can be said that it has reached its worst point in recent weeks, but there has been an ongoing conflict in the Donbass region since 2014. If you don’t already know, Donbass is an eastern area of ​​Ukraine divided into three regions: Donetsk, which is the main city; that of Lugansk and that of Dnipropetrovsk, where everything, or almost everything, is predominantly Russian. After 13 thousand deaths, abandoned cities and thousands of civilians fleeing, the clashes have stopped, at least officially, with the Minsk agreements, signed in 2015 by Russia and Ukraine. The agreements provided for the return of the rebel regions to Ukraine, in exchange for greater autonomy. But apparently they have never been respected, in fact now the conflict has re-erupted.

Incredible right? We used to hear about wars only in history books. In the end, man never learns from the past but always seeks and wants to obtain only one thing, namely power.

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Giorgia Napoli


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