The war and the adolescents

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has escalated day by day,

and  despite our proximity to Ukraine, here, in Italy, some people don’t 

seems really scared of the terrible war the Ukranians are going through.

 Especially us adolescents ,at the beginning ,seemed not to realize  the

devastation and death this incomprehensible war is  causing,as  it seemed 

too remote to us, but now we  feel it  horrifying real.  

Thanks God,  we still live in a  democratic country where  peace is a fondamental

and  important  value to be respected by everyone, so we don’t have  the true

cognizance  of what beeing at war really  means, if not through  pictures, videos

and  immages on television. 

The war is bad, everyone says, but only if you are personally involved, or  your

relatives, parents, siblings or  children are  its victims you can really understand 

the deep and huge pain that  only a war can produce.

It’s crazy, to think that  one man can just come and destroy everything in a moment,

it’s like a horror film or a video game which my generation is used to play, but the

Ukrainian teenagers don’t play any virtual fight, that’s their real life.

They hoped they would never see their country overrun,their homes destroyed and

their brothers and fathers draft.

Let’s put into the place of the Ukranian teenagers, forced out their homes, travelling

alone and carrying their lives in their luggage….

How would we feel ?

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Claudio Crupi


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