“The Voyageurs” are the sculptures of Bruno Catalano, a French sculptor, most renowned for creating sculptures of figures with substantial sections missing.

The main important characteristic of these sculptures is the mysterious relationship between empty and full.

They are men with a bag in their hand which is the symbol of travel, where you can have objects and also our hopes and dreams for a better future.

The statues are characterized by the lack of the central part of their body. In this void, there is all the experience of those who have traveled and Bruno Catalano knows these circumstances very well; in fact, he lived for 30 years as a sailor and then settled in Marseille where he began his career as a surrealist sculptor.

These sculptures have a hidden meaning: they represent human migration, in fact, the subjects are found in transit places such as squares, airports, and ports.

The meaning it conveys is that the artist wants to leave room for the imagination. We do not know if the traveler left voluntarily or if he was forced from exile or from the search for freedom.

In addition, the subject can represent every citizen of the world, in fact, we leave a piece of ourselves in our continuous migration through the streets of the world.

In conclusion, the voyageurs of Bruno Catalano are sculptures immersed in a mystery that leaves room for imagination and fantasy, creating an ambiguous and suspicious atmosphere that at the same time enchants.

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Alessandra Calabrò


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