” Who finds a friend finds a treasure’ is one of the most frequently used Italian proverbs. It means that friendship is not only a precious and rare commodity, but is so precious that it is comparable to the discovery of a great treasure.  Friendship is of great importance in everyone’s life, but it is also very difficult to find, just like finding a treasure. So when you have the good fortune to have a true, sincere friend who you can count on at all times, and particularly in the most difficult ones, his value is equal to that of a treasure. The popular saying, however, also has another meaning. It indicates that friendship has such a high value that it counts for much more than money and material goods. In short, a friend is worth far more and is far more important than money, gold and riches. True, unselfish and sincere friendship is priceless and is therefore a precious gift to be thankful for every day. Friendships begin in the early years of our lives at school.
Friendships sometimes last a lifetime.
It is impossible to forget the hugs when they scored a goal during a football match.  Friendship is a noble feeling when it is loyal and constant. It is true when it comes to helping with grief. As the years go by, you grow up, life circumstances change, and friendship makes you cry on your friend’s shoulder when you receive a disappointment, a pain.
A friend is like a brother, he leads us to confide in each other our first loves, our first satisfactions at work, our hopes for the future.                                  
For me, friendship is a feeling similar to love because it comes from the heart, with the only difference that it can last forever.

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Filloramo Bryan




My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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