On 11 February a group of blue dogs emerged from the woods in front of the car of a bewildered passer-by. Two days later they found them: they lived in a former factory and their fur is Prussian blue. Near the place from which the photos were taken and then posted on Vkontakte, a famous Russian social network, there is the Dzerzhinskoye Orgsteklo, a factory abandoned for six years due to bankruptcy. It was the bankruptcy trustee who confirmed to the press that the warehouses may have remained full of chemicals including copper sulphate: an agent that would also explain the blue color. Now the dogs are under the supervision of the veterinary clinic, waiting to find out what poisoned them. Fortunately, the veterinary team believes that contact with these types of chemicals should not present a short-term risk to dogs. Many Russian families have applied to adopt these strays.

The reason seems to be the unusual colour of the fur, which for the children would be like having a magical creature, something special that you don’t get to see easily except on TV. The colour is permanent and therefore impossible to wash off. The only remedy would be to shave the dog, but in the end why shave it when it is so popular? It is only to be hoped that the request for the beast is linked to a real affection for it rather than to satisfy the desire to have such an exclusive-looking animal.

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Liotta Antonio