We are experiencing an incredible situation: we cannot literally leave the house. I have three girls and in the other houses there are other minors. We fear that someone could seriously harm themselves ”. In Maggiano, a small hamlet of Lucca, magpies have become a problem. The inhabitants of a group of 6 villas in via Sarzanese told “LuccainDiretta” that now to protect themselves from bird attacks they are forced to go out with an umbrella, even if the sun is shining outside. According to the residents, it all began when a small magpie approached the windowsill of a house and was given food. “Since then we have decided not to do it again, but the attacks have continued,” said a woman who lives in the small housing complex that has become “hostage” to the birds.

The inhabitants report real ambushes. No Hitchcock scene, mind you: the aggressive birds are only 3, but apparently they manage very well to frighten those who live in the area. They hover over the head of the unfortunate person on duty and rush at him with their beak in search of food. A nightmare.

You generally think that you can be attacked by other kinds of animals, not by magpies.

It sounds like a funny story, but the inhabitants of this town, which became popular because of the episode, experienced tragic moments.

Fortunately, it had a happy ending as police officers managed to remove them, relieving the residents of the unusual invasion.

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Liotta Antonio




My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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