His name translates in “slapball” and it was practiced from the longobards however called “ballrope”.
He is a sport practiced with a racket of wood , and a small ball that tennis players are doing well in the field format from:
A net that divides the field in half;
2 rectangles divided from the net;
A rectangles behind the 2 rectangles;
2 corridors at the sides.
The main shots are 2: the Right and the Reverse.
The Right is done with the strongest hand and instead the Reverse with 2 hand.
Others shots are:
the serve ,first move in a game; the volley ,is the Right and the Reverse but hitting the ball on the fly and the smash ,it involves hitting the ball that flies high above the tennis player, indicating its trajectory with the finger.
Usually the field is of red ground or of green floor.
The tennis player more famous is Panatta.

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