The Agenzia Giornalistica Italia, in acronym AGI, is an Italian news agency. Founded in 1950 by Giulio de Marzio and Walter Prosperetti, and controlled by Eni since 1965. It is based in Rome and has editorial offices in 15 Italian provincial capitals and a foreign office in the European Union, in Brussels.

It transmits daily news about chronicle, politics, economics, finance, culture, entertainment, sport for the media and for companies. In addition to Italian, Agi broadcasts news in six languages: English, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, French. Since July 2016 he has also been broadcasting a newscast on the Web. On 11 September 2020, the AGI assembly appointed Lucia Calvosa (Rome) as chairman of the Board of Directors.

An article published on 23/05/2022 and very particular for its content is entitled “A pilot had a heart attack but managed to land the plane before he died”. It is about the pilot Renato Fornaciari, aged 73, who was at the controls of a biplane, one of the 1930s Tiger Moth, which had to make some evolutions in the area of ​​Marcesina. But he suddenly began feeling sick from cardiac arrest. Renato Fornaciari was originally from Parma, but had long since moved to Rovereto. The plane finished its run off the runway, on the grass, but the passenger, a professional cameraman, didn’t suffer any injuries.

This article particularly struck me for the mastery of the pilot who managed to land the biplane, without hurting the passenger, despite the illness which crushed him a few moments after touching the ground.

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Chiara Chiarenza