The state of emergency is over

The state of emergency is over, finally, after two years, we will return to our normal life. 

It will be strange after all to go back to the life we had before the pandemic. It was a period that had its negative aspects but also had some good ones. 

I have changed a lot in these two years and I’m not referring only to my physical appearance but also as a person: the way to deal with problems, the way to relate to people, I’m less shy, etc… 

But this situation also made me understand how two years can be few and at the same time they can be a lot. 

It seems like yesterday that 2020 starts and now it is April 2022. Time has gone by too fast, hasn’t it? But even if these years have passed quickly, during this period I felt like it was impossible to have an end to this pandemic.

These years have been important because in these years I’ve formed the person I am now and I also got closer to my family (I didn’t have a very close relationship with them before) and I’m so happy for that.

After this pandemic I think I will be able to enjoy the things in life that I didn’t give so much importance to before the pandemic.
I can’t predict the future and I don’t know what life will be like from now on, but I’m sure it will be great to have that truer feeling of freedom back that we lost these past two years because of the pandemic.

It will be a little bit weird to go out without wearing the mask because behind it we could hide and feel more protected, but it will obviously be beautiful to be able to breath the air again every time we want.

Now I can finally do something I’ve never been able to do before: traveling. For years I couldn’t travel for many reasons and when I finally got the chance to do it, COVID-19 came into our lives.
I don’t know where I will go but I know that this summer I want to travel somewhere beautiful and see the beauty of the world. I want to visit museums, art galleries, some historical places. It would mean a lot to me.
I can’t wait to do all the things I couldn’t do because of Covid.
I want to be honest: after all, I will never forget this time. I had very bad moments but also amazing ones that will always be in my heart.

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