The state of emergency is over, but the covid-19 is not

On March 31, the Italian government declared the end of the state of emergency, but this doesn’t mean that covid-19 is over. In fact, there are still many infections, even if, gradually, the victims are decreasing, thanks to the fact that most of the Italian population is vaccinated. At school we still have to use the mask, although it is not mandatory to use the FFP2. To go to cinemas and theaters, you must wear the FFP2 and have a reinforced vaccine, as well as in restaurants.

In reality, therefore, not much has changed for me and my family compared to before March 31st. That is because from 2020 to today the restrictions have gradually eased. At the beginning we were closed at home, in lockdown, and we could not even leave our town, also, when we returned to school in presence if there was a positive we had school from home (again). Indeed, today we are almost back to normal compared to 2020. I believe that for me the covid-19 emergency will end only on the day that it will no longer be necessary to use masks indoors. I also believe that in the coming months we will have to be cautious anyway and respect the rules that were valid before the end of the state of emergency, such as always to keep a mask, to stay spaced, not to go around with a fever and to sanitize your hands. This way, maybe we can have a more relaxed summer, in which we can also plan to see our weakest relatives, without fear of being a mortal danger for them. I can’t wait for covid-19 to be over!

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Nelva Sanchez




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