The smack that’s divided the internet

Fans row over whether Will Smith’s Oscars slap was “disgusting and shameful” or “defending” his wife against a “cruel joke”.

Are you with Will or with Chris?

The three main characters of the story

Smith’s Oscars outburst has become the most divisive topic of the day.

Tens of thousands of fans from around the world have taken to Twitter to weigh in on whether they think the actor was right to smack comedian Chris Rock after he made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair when she suffers from alopecia.                                                                             

Others took issue with Smith’s lack of apology and his acceptance speech claim that ‘love makes you do crazy things‘, claiming it sets a ‘dangerous precedent’ because it appears to condone rash outbursts if they’re justified as “acts of love”.

The majority of fans and celebrities have taken a strong stance against the shocking showbiz incident,

claiming violence should never be used in retaliation to a joke, even one that crosses the line.

Comedian Jason Manford tweeted: “I don’t know why people aren’t separating the two things? Yes the joke was bad, not funny, hurtful, But the reaction and violence was worse? Isn’t this what you tell your kids?!”

My honest opinion is that I think violence must be kept under control in any case. Not even the love for a wife can be considered a valid justified action.

But its also true that you have to find yourself in the same situation, with the same emotional feeling to

judge the situation.

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