The Sicilian recipe for Easter: “Cuddura cu l’ova”

Easter like Christmas, is one of the most heartfelt religious holiday in Sicily with many rites and traditions: from the Processions of the Holy Week to the typical dishes of the festivity.
The “cuddura cu l’ova “, a Sicilian recipe that is prepared at Easter, is a symbol of the festivity that goes alongside the most modern “chocolate eggs”. On the island , infact , is almost unthinkable not to taste or receive one of it as a gift from grandmothers or aunts.
Sicilian “,Cuddura” with eggs, history:
The term cuddura derives from the Greek word koààùpa(kollura) and indicates a small circular shaped bread . The Sicilian “cuddura” derives from the peasant traditions. Its origins can found in Byzantine Christianity; in the Catholic-Christian traditions ,giving eggs was a beautiful and kind gesture, a symbol of God’s Resurrection
-1/2 kg of flour 00
_150 g. of granulated sugar
-100gr of lard
-1/2 sachet of ammonia
-150 ml of warm milk
-zest of orange
-2 fresh eggs
-a pinch of salt
-!0 hard boiled eggs
-coloured sprinkled

1) Prepare the dought by mixing the two fresh eggs in a bowl with the milk, flour, sugar ,lard orange zest and a pinch of salt. Mix well, then add the ammonia.
2) Pour a little flour on a work surface and roll out the dought to a tickness of about one centimeter
3) Cut it out obtaining circular shapes and, with the remnants, create long and narrow strips.
4) Place hard -boiled eggs in the center of the biscuits and cross over two strips, moisteining the edges, which will stick well on the biscuits.
5) Brush the surface with beaten egg and decorate with coloured sugar sticks. Bake in the oven at 200°C for 20-25 minutes.
Sicilian Cuddura can have a lot of different shapes, but all in some way symbolize Easter. It can be a bells, a dove, a basket or even a hearth that girls give to their boyfriend .

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