Do you live in Sicily? and can you tell you already know all the beautiful places we have?

I personally have to admit that there are so many landscapes and attractions I still want to visit! But one I went to and I really liked is Naxos.

Naxos was the First Greek colony founded in Sicily, located on the eastern side of the Island.

It was a seaport military center conquered by Hippocrates of Gela larlter by Hicron of Siracusa. Hieron, in particular, moved the citizens to a nearby center and promoted a complete renovation of the city’s Building system. The new facility, with orthogonal grid system, is the one that can be observed in part today.

The allied city of  Athenes contributed to the campaign of Siracuse 415-413 during the Peloponnesian War and took together with the city that supported it. After the defeat, Naxos was razed to the ground by Dionysius of  Syracuse, and this event marked the end of the city. The exiles move do the nearby Taormina which developed so as to obscure the shooting possibilities for Naxos of which remained a dress, smaller and more important than in the past, until the 6th century A.D.

The archaeological site of ancient Naxos extends on the peninsula of Schisò, on an area of about 37 hectares. Of the most archaic phase of the city remains the evidence of the ancient cyclopean walls, which also traced the perimeter of the new city, of which we can recognize the orthogonal layout with three main roads from east to west crossing smaller roads heading north-south. Referring to this period, some houses and sacred areas were also identified which were distributed along the edges of the urban perimeter and survived the destruction of 476 BC. Visible in two sanctuaries.

If you don’t know it yet, it’s worth a visit!

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