The city of Palermo is well known throughout the world for many things, such as its beaches, theatres, puppet opera,, but above all for its buildings, some of which have a very ancient origin. (Did I mention the sweets?)

However, among the buildings in Palermo, the most important is certainly the Norman Palace, also known as Royal Palace. On the surface it may look like one of the many monuments that can be visited in any European city, but not everyone knows that a real treasure is hidden inside! In fact, on the first floor there is a huge chapel with a roof made almost entirely of gold and on which there is a precious mosaic depicting Christ. It was consecrated in 1140 by Roger II, king of Sicily and in the following centuries it hosted great ceremonies, such as the marriage between King Carlo Felice and Maria Cristina of Naples (granddaughter of Marie Antoinette).

In addition to the golden chapel, the Norman Palace is famous for its Pisan Tower. Inside the latter, a secret chamber was discovered, a bit like the one in the Harry Potter movie, in which however there was not a hidden Basilisk, but walled jars that contained many gold coins and precious jewels. Furthermore, the Pisan Tower is shrouded in an aura of mystery, thanks to the presence of numerous secret passages, narrow corridors and long stairways that create a magical atmosphere.

If you happen to visit Palermo, why don’t you take a trip to the Royal Palace? Unless you are afraid of meeting the Basilisk in the secret chamber!

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