Every single person, from the first moment he sets foot in the world goes in search of endless personal satisfaction, often focusing on people and things.

There are those who to feel happy and complete searching for the soul mate, those who damn for one-sided  love and there are those who would be willing to give their lives for material goods.

Only with time, after seeing the consequences of this behavior you realize that sooner or later people hurt because no one is perfect and everyone thinks to safeguard, even if selfishly, themselves and their own well-being, often wounding others.

Only those who manage to go beyond and not rely on people, succeed in obtaining the desired happiness, an abstract concept that has no limits of beauty.

Each of us has the extraordinary potential that make up our uniqueness, and we should exploit it  working on giving  our best not to risk wasting our lives without getting something positive.

Inside us there is our  strength by which we can  always find a reason why it is worth getting up in the morning.

The secret to reach the goal that allows us to be happy, lies in the love of oneself, which is the essence to live a life more than worthy.

 Those who are aware of their being worthy will find no reason to seek for love elsewhere but in  themselves, So, always remember, “You are worthy!”

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Alessandra Mendola


3 sez A Linguistico