Mary Lennox is a very curious child and above all she loves plants very much.

After the death of her parents, she moves in with her widowed uncle Archibald Craven who lives in England. A mysterious garden hidden in ivy will discover them…

Who is your best friend ?

My best friend is Dorothy. We met in kindergarten in the first year and at first, we couldn’t stand each other, but then our classmates and teachers made us stay together and so we became friends and gradually friends for the skin. In elementary school we ended up in the same class, as they say, “luckily” and we sat next to the desk and we were always together we never left! In middle and high school they separated us but we were always on a video call and we organized meetings every afternoon.

 What emotions did you feel when you discovered the garden?

At first, I did not understand how it was possible that there was a garden hidden in the ivy, but then I tried to open it because I was curious to know what was inside and how it was made for the reason that it was mysterious. When I managed to open it, my mouth was open and I couldn’t wait to go in and take care of the sick plants and trees. I felt joy and happiness and I felt free.

What made you go this far?

So as I said before it was curiosity but also the desire to discover a new thing and not always do the usual routine. I was also pushed by the fact that I was bored and I was not with anyone, instead inside the garden I could free myself, be free by escaping from everything that could prevent me.

Do you have any children ?

Yes, I have two children, one is called Peter and the other Susan. They are the protagonists of the “Chronicles of Narnia” and are very famous, now I am pregnant with a female I named Lucy.

Do they have the same passion for plants as you?

Susan is in love with plants and takes great care of them. The only one who hates plants with all his heart is Peter and when we ask for help he refuses and doesn’t even want to hear about them, he comes home angry because his friends have talked about gardens and plants and flowers.

Do you have a garden? Do you take care of it?

Yes, I have a very large garden full of trees, plants and flowers. Susan takes care of it when I’m busy and sometimes spends whole afternoons there, while I spend days in my garden. I say mine because I chose to create it and I love it as much as I love my children.

Would you like to go back to the secret garden?

I would gladly return to the secret garden. There I left many good memories, that garden will remain forever in my heart !!

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