Today school is the educational institution par excellence and is the first place to disseminate and develop knowledge and process information. For this reason, one of the purposes of school is to prepare young people for the professions, providing them with knowledge and skills for the economic needs of entering the world of work.

In fact, School is a tool for the growth and social inclusion, and it is a place where training is the education of the person and the acquisition of knowledge and skills, as a matter of fact it is a tool for opening up to the world and for this, it takes obligations to education and training.

The role of the school today must be consistent with the objectives of other countries, so that there are no gaps between the various states, because the school must be a place of welcome for anyone. And to do all this, schools must have financial autonomy, as learning and training are the only solutions to solve employment problems.

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Giuseppe Di Como


I.O. Don Bosco – E. Majorana, Troina – Classe 2B, scuola secondaria I grado, Gagliano