The rightful help to a decent life, UNICEF

The association UNICEF was founded in December 1946. It is the United Nations Children’s Fund, and it was born with the purpose to help children affected by the dire situation in World War Ⅱ Today it has become an association that deals with humanitarian assistance for children and their mothers around the world with the aim of helping them and promoting equality and equal rights. UNICEF headquarters are located in New York and 193 countries have joined the association. Moreover, UNICEF to date is promoted thanks to different advertisements and has been repeatedly mentioned in the program “soliti ignoti” by Amadeus on Rai 1, encouraging the public to donate.

In general: what does UNICEF do?

-fight for the rights of children

-fight for sustainable development objectives

-helps migrants and refugees

-helps in emergency situations… for example: in this situation of the war with Ukraine, or in the past war with Syria, or also in the “recent” situation of covid.

And… what are the main rights of UNICEF children?

Four are identified as fundamental principles:

  1. the right to non-discrimination (Art. 2)

2. respect for the child’s best interests (Art. 3)

3. the right to life, survival, and proper development (Art. 6)

4. the right to listen (Art.12)

According to my point of view, a person who can afford it to make the nice gesture of making a donation to these associations that are fighting for certain rights.

In my personal experience, I can say that in the last years with my family we paid every month a figure to help this association, and we’ve been trying to help families living in poor conditions, and this summer after my grandfather’s death, we donated the money received in those days to the association Airc, to fight cancer, because my grandfathers also died from cancer.

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