The Relationship between Music and Computer Science

There is hardly a human being on  earth  who doesn’t like music  and  computers help us in fulfilling the great pleasure of listening to the heavenly notes of a song or a piece of classical music.

Nowadays,   computer science and music go hand in hand, but the  relationship between music and computer science is not so old.

Until 1980  music was recorded on analogue media. Initially there was vinyl, then there was the advent of music cassettes.

Since 1980  the digital music has come  with the CD ( Compact Disc )

The difference between analog and digital media is in the type of reading that is no longer  analogue but digital, therefore numerical.

With the CD the relationship between music and information technology was born as computers are calculators and numbers represent their language. Music on digital media can be transferred to be processed on one computer and forwarded from one computer to the other.

In addition there are plenty of programming languages dedicated to making music.

 We use music streaming platforms to listen to music, but they are the result of the evolution of the relationship between music and computer science.

In conclusion computer science has recently  made a huge impact on music. It has invaded  all areas from the creation of the music to  its production and it is improving continuously.

By Sonia Censabella   2^C informatica/telecomunicazioni

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Sonia Censabella


II C informatica


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