The rebellion in a photograph

More and more articles talk about the new Rai series that aired on our screens as a story to Letizia Battaglia. We wanted to learn more about who she was and what she did through an article in “IL Giornale. it”.

The question is what made Letizia Battaglia one of the greatest reporters of our time to deserve a Rai fiction? Surely the humanity that she knew how to convey with a photograph, the ability to transcend the image, to provide a look that went beyond what was imprinted in a shot. Letizia was not just a photographer, she was much more: a witness, involved and engaging, and also a participant in the harsh reality of Palermo, from the 1970s to the present day. You are a fundamental figure in the history of Sicily and of our country. With her shots of her he told about poverty, the mafia, the massacres. She documented that world, wherever it was, that was and is frightening: criminal power, arrogance and corruption, blood.  In her Sicily, but not only.

Of her the famous photo of Sergio Mattarella extracting the body of his brother Piersanti from the car.  Her photos of many killed, politicians, magistrates, policemen, journalists. But also the wonderful faces of women and girls to remind us and remember that there is hope. She too was an incredibly nonconformist, passionate, combative, free woman. She almost described herself as an unwitting revolutionary. Those who know her say: “What you have done great, you have not done within an organization, you have always done as a free hitter, ahead of time and paying the consequences personally”.

“I take the world wherever it is”, is Letizia Battaglia’s quality mark.

The article reports a beautiful curiosity when Falcone told her to be attacked, to get a little out of her because she was in a dangerous situation, she replied “We have to make people think there is hope”.

Her photos will make Letizia immortal.

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