The protest on femicide also arrives on the red carpet

“Determination and courage,” the female activists are applauded in Bunuel Hall, and they respond by rising rhythmically. RIPOSTE FÉMINISTE, the documentary presented by the writers Marie Perennès and Simon Depardon, as well as the festival’s general delegate Thierry Fremaux, was a significant moment at Cannes on Sunday, with activist directors Catherine Corsini and Agnieszka Holland in attendance. as well as to offer assistance. Feminists from the “Les Colleuses” movement march on the Montée des Marches. They had unrolled a long white sheet with the first names of 129 domestic abuse victims slain by their spouses and partners. Camille, Léa, Nadine, Alexia, Cécile, Elise, Camille…Some of their names were read at Brest, Saint-Etienne, Compiègne, and Marseille until the smoke bombs they blew obscured the list. The demonstration took place on the red carpet for Ali Abbasi’s competition film Holy Spider. The video depicts a segment of the French feminist movement, giving voice to the very young women who animate it, equipped with white sheets and black paint, engaged in a protest that is first and foremost an action and awareness campaign against domestic abuse, misogyny, and gender inequity. The gluing machines are known as Les Colleuses.”There’s my own feminist conviction, as well as a strong desire to learn more. I entered as an activist in this world where determination, anger, and a thirst for justice reign, and with Simon – says Marie Perennes – the desire to tell about the vocabulary and actions of this campaign, which spans France and is carried out by various collectives: at night, they cover the streets attacking collages with messages of support for their companions, denouncing femicide. They also risk being arrested “. There are 200 French feminist groups, roughly twenty of which are shown in the film: Sexist violence, feminist counterattack! is one of their catchphrases, but it is their willingness to strike that stands out.

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