Minister Patuanelli has launched the challenge for agriculture. It is about producing food for millions of people without impacting the environment and guaranteeing access to food for the whole world. The minister spoke at the 39th edition of Macfrut (International Fruit and Vegetable Fair) organized by Cesena fairs that is underway in Rimini that will end on May 6. To find an answer, it is enough to take a tour of the stands set up by 830 exhibitors: the fruit and vegetable sector, despite the adverse weather conditions and the increase in fuel consumption, is showing great resistance and taking interesting innovative paths.

Just think of the innovations in the so-called “smart agriculture”, agriculture 4.0. On the first day of the event, awards were given to biosolution companies that have put precisely eco-sustainable and efficient solutions such as the range of fertilizers obtained from sugar beet waste. Innovations are driving development and that is why Italian companies are starting a process of internalization full of opportunities.

Technological innovation has a fundamental role to play in achieving sustainability. Smart agriculture or agriculture 4.0 is the new frontier and involves applying industry 4.0 innovations to the sector: digitalisation, geolocation, connection to the internet and the Internet of Things.

Italy is playing a leading role in sustainable agriculture. As far back as 1988, WWF Italia launched the pioneering “Campagna per la Campagna” (Campaign for the Countryside) programme which brought together communications, training and educational projects to raise public awareness of the need for a serious change of direction in terms of the sustainability of agricultural management, with a particular focus on organic agriculture.

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Nicola Rotiroti


IIIA Liceo Scientifico di Chiaravalle Centrale (CZ)