“I live for her because she makes my soul vibrate strongly” “she is a muse who invites us to touch her with our fingers across a piano“.
By A. Bocelli, Vivo per lei.

The music is present in everyone’s life, it is a means of communication capable of emotionally involving the listener. Teenagers see music as a refuge, a means to relax and a simple and pleasant way to get away from the world in difficult times, in those moments when you don’t want to hear from anyone and just want to get away from problems. Music and relaxation, serenity and lightheartedness, but also noise, just think of the music in discos, with a very high volume that your ears ring as soon as you leave.  Music has always been present in every person’s life and has many different genres depending on the popular tradition, the geographical area and the time in which it is composed. Music is one of the most profound forms of art and one that best represents us.  How many times it has happened to hear a song and recognize yourself. That’s  what   the power of music manages to arouse,  unique emotions that only music can bring out.

 Personally, music is freedom, it is passion, it is something indescribable that I cannot express in words.  For me, music is a kind of refuge that I use when I feel sad, when something goes wrong and when I don’t feel up to do something.  I listen to music every day, I don’t have a favorite genre.  When I listen to a song I identify with it because I find that each song has an important meaning for the author who manages to make perfectly understood what he wants to mean, and each song I listen to I feel unique emotions that remind me of pieces of my life, important and not.  I can’t live without music in my life.

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