The plague: a great human tragedy

When most people hear the term “pandemic,” their minds automatically turn to the Black Death Death Star. While our current pandemic, COVID-19, is very different from the infamous 14th-century plague.

Although the very words “the black plague” may seem to accurately convey the fear and pain that many are experiencing now.

The Black Death that lasted from about October 1347 to 1352 was one of the worst catastrophes in recorded history: the deadly bubonic plague that devastated communities across Europe, forever changing their social and economic fabric. The word “quarantine” was coined just at that time. But starting from the definition of plague, let’s see what is the main difference with “our plague”.

When the period of the “plague” began, the most affected people most affected were young people and the poorest populations. Unfortunately, we have no sources from which to understand what young people of our age were doing at that time. Young people today are very lucky because thanks to new technologies they can be constantly in contact; during the lockdown periods in fact there were video calls with our friends and relatives. At one time all this was not possible because there were no cell phones and computers. Since the beginning of the pandemic, schools in all countries have relied on “DAD” (distance learning) and thanks to these students have been able to continue studying. This is what we have experienced and that we will be able to tell our children and grandchildren as adults.

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Veronica Astuto – Beatrice Rabbito



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