The pandemic made us aware

As stated in the article published by LiveSicilia, an active newspaper in the Sicilian territory, chef La Mantia from Palermo is having various difficulties in finding staff, especially young people, who now refuse to work till late and on holidays. This trend of last year is probably caused by a greater awareness that the COVID-19 virus has spread among young people, who have seen many of their freedoms and time stolen. Knowing that the best years are few now, it is therefore difficult to find someone who wants to commit to work and put work before fun. This brings many difficulties to those who, like the chef, are looking for staff in the sector, who are currently forced to look for staff among the cathering agencies, incurring more expensive costs that make the menu and the restaurant less efficient.

La Mantia recounts his experience in the search for personnel: “I will have done at least 80 interviews in the last few weeks, but nothing. The guys ask me if they can get part-time. With me there is always the labor lawyer, we offer as a basic level 22 thousand euros gross a year, about 1,300 euros net per month, for 8-hour shifts, especially in the 16-24 range, with paid overtime. The candidates are retired people, former professionals, who would like to work on these figures. It is another generation, used to spending itself on a job. But I am forced to refuse because I am looking for qualified personnel ”.

According to La Mantia, the cause of the problem is attributable to a change in mentality. Since March 1st, the chef has turned to the catering agencies that provide him with the dining room staff by the hour, but in this way he has to bear more expensive costs that will force him to review the à la carte menu, switching to the buffet formula.

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