Football is the most practiced sport in the world, its origins date back to Asia in particular in Japan.

Who invented football?

The invention of football can be attributed to Japan which in 664 practiced the “kemari”, still practiced
today, in which the players had to pass the ball to each other.

Football in today’s world.

Modern football was invented in the United Kingdom in 1848 at Trinity College in Cambridge: the first
football regulation known as the “Cambridge rules” was written.

On 24 october 1857 in Sheffield, Nathaniel Creswick founded the first football club in history the “Sheffield Football Club “. On October 26, 1863 in London, at the Freemasons’ Tavern, the “Football Association” was founded, the first national football federation.

From this date football began to spread all over the world, from England it was exported to Scotland in 1873, Wales in 1876 and to Ireland in the north in 1880. Subsequently it spread first in continental Europe and later in the rest of the Commonwealth and finally in South America. To unify the rules throughout the globe in 1886 the International football association board took shape, and in 1904 the Fédération internationale de football association was born, that is the FIFA in which all the various federations born up until then joined.

Nowadays the national associations approved by FIFA are 211.

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