Typical Sicilian recipes are famous all over the world both for the flavour and for the variety they bring to the table. Traditional recipes are handed down from the dominations that Sicily has undergone over the centuries.

The Greeks transmitted the use of olives and cereals.The Phoenicians and the Arabs brought the use of saffron, cinnamon, sesame and anise.The Spaniards were responsible for introducing the sponge cake used in the preparation of Sicilian “cassata”.

The traditional cuisine varies ranging from appetizers, first and second courses to arrive to desserts finally. Aubergines are the vegetables introduced by Indian import. The most traditional Sicilian dishes where we find the preparation of aubergines are the “parmigiana”, the “pasta alla Norma”, the “Caponata” and many other dishes.

The cities bathed by the sea have a culinary tradition based on fish, while  in the hinterland the tables are embellished with legumes, meat, cured meats and cheese.The variety of food is a characteristic of Sicily, touristes can enjoy every type of food from the sea to the mountain.

Sicilian recipes are absolutely to try all!

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