If your desire is to relax in a pleasant place that distinguishes itself for its magic, mythology, and uncontaminated nature nothing better than to choose a place out of the ordinary and Pergusa Lake is the right place.

Known also as Proserpina’s lake because according to a legend, the lake was the place where Hades kidnapped Persephone and brought her to the underworld, it is mentioned in the works by Ovid, Cicero and John Milton.

Nowadays it is a protected zone for the great variety of flora and fauna belonging to different classes: fishes, insects, crustaceans, reptiles and birds such as the Purple Swamphen.

A real natural basin in the middle of Sicily, mostly filled with green water due to the reflection of the thick woods that stretch out to its shores but that during spring time it becomes totally red/blood like because of the small shrimps that live in it.

In addition to naturalists the lake also attracts for its racetrack frequented by drivers and motorcyclists’ lovers of speed. The place hosts famous events such as Mediterranean Grand Prix, Coppa Florio and Superbike Championship.

A charming place where it is easy to immerse yourself in nature and be carried away by mythology.

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Esmeralda Carbonaro


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