Earth, what a beautiful name to describe the place where people have been growing up with its precious resources; a place to call ‘home’, where it is supposed to get older in.

Earth has always been the place where everything first began; animals and plants have been helping people in their daily life, providing them what they need, since prehistory. From then on, earth has always been the place where it was the man who needed to adapt to anything he met; and that’s because a lot of changes have been made to build cities, stations, factories and everything we habitually use. Men slowly started to shape it in the way they needed, but mostly they wanted.

On the other hand, some people started thinking that earth was a real god who needed respect, that’s why some of them worshipped ‘Mother Nature’.

Development is a good thing; nowadays, learning and finding new sources of energy is a step forward towards the future, which ensures us a home.

Unfortunately, the constant changes of the natural habitats has hurt our planet a lot and, for that reason, sustainability has become an essential factor for the future.

Gases are daily spread into the air -the same we breathe-, which becomes more and more polluted, huge quantities of plastic and waste are thrown into the waters and trees (as well as habitats like jungles, forests, flora and fauna) are uprooted and destroyed to allow the construction of new establishments. Animals are taken away from their home too and they are forced to run for their own lives.

To raise awareness on the topic, in 1962 the UNITED NATIONS created  the ‘Earth day’, which is now celebrated in 193 countries. We owe it all to John McConnell, a peace activist who was interested in ecology and environmental issues and thought people needed to take care of earth like it does with people, that’s why he suggested to create an international day to celebrate our planet.

Thanks to the growing interest in this event, today  the ‘Earth Day’ is celebrated over several days and many communities take part in it with activities focused on the most current environmental issues. The public opinion raises topics on sustainability issues, while activists try to suggest concrete solutions.

Earth is the only planet to live in, let’s try not to waste its resources. Let’s help each other to achieve this goal.

Here are few easy tips to follow, which can help to preserve the planet more than you could ever think: reducing water consumption, using cars less, avoiding wasting electricity, reducing the consumption of meat and fish, doing differentiated waste collection, recycling as many things you can.

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