The Necropolis of Pantalica is a collection of cemeteries with rock-cut chamber tombs in southeast Sicily, Italy.

Pantalica is located on a limestone promontory surrounded by a deep gorge formed by the Anapo and Calcinara rivers between the towns of Ferla and Sortino in south-eastern Sicily.

Pantalica evidently flourished for about 600 years ago, from about 1250 to 650 BC. The current name of the site probably dates back to the Early Middle Ages or Arab period.

The remains visible today consist mainly of numerous prehistoric burial chambers cut into the limestone rock, sometimes provided with a porch or short entrance corridor in front of the burial chamber, originally sealed with stones or a slab. There are also some larger rock-cut houses of uncertain date, often said to be Byzantine, but possibly of earlier origin.

Pantalica has five cemeteries spread over a large area. It is a sacred area with

the necropolis of Filiporto which consists of almost 1000 tombs, the North West necropolis which is one of the earliest and The Cavetta necropolis which has tombs and rock-cut houses of the prehistoric and later periods,

The North necropolis is spectacular cemetery of about 1000 tombs covering very steep slopes overlooking the Calcinara river, The South necropolis extends along the Anapo river for over 1 kilometre and is easily seen from the trackway at the bottom of the valley. Small rivers are all around and a wonderful vegetation with coloured flowers and magnificent trees make this site a fairytale place. Today Pantalica is a Unesco Site and I think that there is no place as beautiful as it. If you want to life a fantastic day totally immersed in nature come and visit Pantalica!

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