Breaking news: the national state of emergency is over …

After two long years, the state of national emergency finally ended on March 31, 2022.
Starting April 1, there will be a new air of openness and gradual changes.
The restrictions and prohibitions that have been with us these past two years are slowly coming to an end and soon we will be back to normal…. I hope!
It won’t be easy to get used to everyday life again, walking without masks, hugging friends, shaking hands and many other little things that we couldn’t do.
My life in the last few years has changed a lot: I still remember the endless crying because I wasn’t free to do what I liked.
The first lockdown was the hardest because we were locked in the house for three months.
When I turned on the TV every news program always talked about the increase in deaths caused by covid-related respiratory problems: I felt like I was living a nightmare!
I had to stop playing sports, I went to the pool twice a week.
I had to stop music school and rehearsals with the folk singing group; no movies, walks with friends or dinners at the pizzeria.
I couldn’t even see my relatives in Taormina and it was a real pain for me.
I spent the Christmas and Easter holidays only with my family.
The schools were closed and we had classes in DAD, no school trips, no end of year parties, everything was really so sad and unreal.

In these two years, the disruption of routines, social isolation and distancing, the sense of uncertainty about the future, and the fear of contracting the disease, have caused quite a few effects on the mental health of us young people.
Relational problems, sense of marginalization, loneliness, misunderstanding, difficulty in managing daily life, anxiety disorders, irritability, stress and sleep disorders, tendency to isolation, loss of opportunities, uncertainty about the future are just some of the negative effects related to the pandemic on the world of youth.
I too often felt helpless, alone, I was more irritable and anxious, but the love of my family helped me face this dark period with confidence and hope.
However, when the long-awaited news came that the state of national emergency was ending and that slowly things were returning to normal and the masks could be removed, it all seemed very strange to me: I was used to seeing only people’s eyes reflecting their emotions.
This is positive news that excites me a lot, but at the same time it scares me because I’m afraid that I’m not ready to experience normalcy again.
Two years ago I was a 10-year-old girl, now I’m a 12-year-old teenager and experiencing the pandemic during this delicate stage of growth has been difficult.
I’ve isolated myself from the outside world and I’m afraid I won’t be able to hug my friends anymore, to reconnect with others.
And then, although it is true that many behaviors and rules will be less strict, there will be a gradual end to restrictions, there will no longer be the obligation to wear masks and the obligation to distance people , let’s not forget that the virus still exists, it is subtle and circulates among people.
Life will be different, there will be controls, but each of us will have to be cautious and be careful not to endanger our own health and that of others.
The virus has only turned into a less serious and curable disease, thanks to scientific research that in the medical field has led to the production of vaccines against covid and treatments in case of contagion.
However, I want to think positive, go back to living like before and the first thing I will do as soon as possible is to travel, go around Italy and abroad to visit new countries and learn about new cultures.
I love traveling with my family and I have missed it a lot.

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