The National September 11 Memorial and Museum , (also known as the 9/11 Memorial & Museum), is a memorial and museum  commemorating the September 11, 2001 attacks, which killed 2,977 people, and the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, which killed six.

Located at the World Trade Center the former location of the Twin Towers that were destroyed during the September 11 attacks, in New York City.

The two square pools

Called Reflecting Absence, the two huge square pools with the names of thousands of people,that lost their lives on 11 September 2001. Surround by a square, in which have been planted over 400 white oaks, the two square pools of the 9/11 Memorial occupy exactly the space of the foundations of the unlucky Twin Towers. A waterfall goes down in the border of the fountains for a height of 9 meters falls over the empty central square. The scroll of the water is highly symbolic, starts with thousands of rivulets that flow together, and finishes in a slow trip toward the abyss.

Designed by Micheal Arad and Peter Walker, the tubs are a touching and strong visual impact work.

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