The magical Segesta’s  free baths are natural thermal hot springs of volcanic origins situated in the province of Trapani, in the western part of Sicily. They are called “ Terme Segestane” and they are located in a suggestive area. Greeks and Romans enjoyed the benefits of the hot water of the thermal springs. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the Arabs discovered this place and built a castle on a hill not far from the ancient baths. The name of the castle was the Calathamet. It means the castle of the baths.  These thermal baths are ten kilometers from the ancient  town of Segesta. They are linked to a tale of Greek mythology. The ancient name of the area was “ Polle del Cremiso” because  of the name of the river  divinity“Krimisòs”.  According to a mythological episode, the nymph Egesta stopped to rest on the banks of the river after leaving the ancient city of Troy. So, “ Krimisòs” decided to warm the nymph Egesta by making the river water become hot. Later, the God and the nymph got married. They gave birth to Aceste who founded the city of Segesta. The nymph  gave the name to the charming city of Segesta.  Today,the hot springs offer a relaxing atmosphere where people can enjoy the beauty of this mythical area,its vegetation rich in scents and colours. The hot water in the baths can reach a temperature between 45 and 50 °C and it can be very useful to cure rheumatic,respiratory and skin diseases.





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